Data-driven construction design solution
Create hundreds of high quality building designs within minutes, and get BIM (3D) model and set of drawings immediately.
Mastermind is an innovative software that quickly generates hundreds of appropriate design solutions for every unique situation. The work of our software is implemented in the cloud and use all the advanced achievements of AI and is based on BIM standards.
The process is as simple, as booking your next flight:
Input your goals and constraints
at our web-based dashboard
Review numerous options,
filter them by 20+ parameters
Analyze in details best options from your shortlist, compare them, choose your best fit
Review detailed BIM-model and set of drawings online.
Your project is done now.
Next-gen platform
For real-estate developers
Save 90% of time and efforts for choosing the right plot, the fair cost for that lot, and what is the best possible economic & social output of that plot according to your specific strategy at the moment. After you have the right choice in hand, simply forward that to architects for creative adjustments.
For architects
Dolve deals with customers instantly. Take into account environment using 3D-map, main building's parameters, and pre-designed set of drawings. All you need is to choose the option you like, adjust BIM-model by your personal taste, create renders, and the job is done.
Who we are:
A team of enthusiasts, who founded and lead a 150-people architectural & engineering design company, with many great projects in portfolio, including sky-scrapers at Manhattan, R&D center of Fortune 500 company in Germany, 7* hotel in Moscow, luxury resort in Senegal, etc. We designed (and design nowadays) hundreds of buildings and cooperate with some of the top-notch companies across the world. Mastermind solution is what we believe will help the AEC industry to deliver more valuable projects, and to do that also faster and cheaper.
And by the way - to design & select your building concept, you don't need to be an architect/engineer, to use CAD/BIM software, to know building codes - neither of that anymore. We have done all back-yard work for you already.
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